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“Look after yourself…. because unless you do so, you cannot look after those who follow you.” General Rick Hillier

It’s widely understood that effective leadership requires a consistent approach to staff, situations, and opportunities. It might be easy to overlook how that consistency can be critical to day to day success.  A volatile leadership style might unknowingly become a barrier to transparency within the organization, which could be critical to leaders knowing what is happening at various levels in their organization.

An effective leader needs to balance between many needs, workflows and staff inputs. One of the best ways to lay a groundwork for leadership success during the busy times is to develop a proactive discipline and routine around one core element: the leader’s own self-care.

Why is self-care so important? While many organizations boast a healthy work-life balance for their staff, leaders are ultimately responsible for maintaining their work-life balance while also meeting personal as well as team-based deadlines. An excellent way to balance that pressure is to find small ways to stay productive, happy, and healthy in your work and personal life.

This situation might seem like a catch-22, but it’s more of a call to action to develop healthy leadership disciplines and routines to be ready when the busy times hit.  Even small changes to daily habits and mindsets can make a big difference to a leader’s mood and approachability.

Here are 3 things that any leader can start doing today that will help establish a healthy leadership edge:

  1. Pace yourself. Organize, prioritize and delegate proactively. Sprinting through this week will only start next week sooner. 
  2. Be a consistent personality – even if you need to act a little! Your staff need a balanced and steady leader. Volatility creates a distrust that does not serve collaboration or transparency, which are both keys to organizational success.
  3. As difficult as it may be, commit to a consistent exercise routine and a balanced diet. This will aid in a better night’s sleep and heighten your senses, awareness, and openness to new ideas.

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