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Impress Your Clients with the Best Communication Tools

How you communicate has become just as important as what you communicate. Using technology effectively and staying current with social media tools demonstrates to your clients that you stay current – and implies that you also stay current (and knowledgeable) in the marketplace.

Consider these tips:

Email: Do you send emails to a large list as a way to market your business? Nothing can put a stop to your business faster than spam complaints – they can cause you to lose your autoresponder, your email account, your web page, and even your merchant account. A spam complaint is a report of unwanted email. It occurs when one of your subscribers receives a message from you, and then reports it as unsolicited or unasked for. Spam email is a real problem beyond just unsolicited marketing emails. Spam has become the primary vehicle for the delivery of online threats, such as spyware, malware and phishing. The Government of Canada recently passed legislation to fight this. “Legitimate businesses that use email to market their products to Canadians should not be negatively impacted by this law. The regime to allow for email marketing is based on a consumer opt-in approach, which stipulates that businesses must get consent prior to sending commercial email or have a pre-existing business relationship with a consumer.” Government of Canada Introduces Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

LinkedIn: Consider joining this business networking site. LinkedIn is for networking and finding other businesses and contacts or checking on someone’s credentials and work history.

Twitter: If you can say it in 140 characters or less, this social media tool is for you. Issuing tweets is useful for quick fix messages and/or linking information to your company website or blog. The best tweets are repeated by others and the more enticing you make your messages, the more followers will come on board.

Facebook: Showcase your company’s personality and create a page to promote your products or services. Drive business to your page by offering an incentive for customers who visit your page and click to indicate that they ‘like it’.

Blogs: These online entries express the writer’s opinions or thoughts. You can start your own blog and share your expertise with current and prospective customers. Try to add value in each post so that your blog becomes the ‘go to’ source for credible information. To keep your blog followers coming back, commit the time to posting new and informative information on a regular basis.

Google+: This social media networking application allows you to join communities of people (think clients and influencers) around specific interests. If you have a Google+ page, your customers are likely to find those relevant photos, videos and posts whenever they search Google.

With any marketing communication, remember to include a call to action!

If you would like more information on successful business communications, please contact me at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or (905) 633-6354.

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