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The Dilemma of Incorporation

There comes a time when many, if not all, entrepreneurs are confronted with the difficult decision of whether to incorporate. There are a number of advantages to incorporation, such as insulating your business risks, protecting personal assets and enjoying a lower tax rate. It makes absolute sense to incorporate if you are earning more income … Continued

Protect Your Business from Hidden Risks

Owners and managers of growing businesses are often so focused on customers, driving sales and expanding business, they fail to address internal issues that can also have an enormous impact on their business. You may have taken out adequate protection against certain liabilities such as insurance for errors and omissions, group health, public liability, loss … Continued

Have a Vision for Success

For a business owner to be successful, he or she needs to have a vision. In other words, what is driving your business?

Why Bother to Have a Professional Corporation?

Many different professions in Ontario are permitted to incorporate their practices. Join SB Partners and the Burgess Law Office for an informative discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of transferring your practice to a professional corporation. If you are an audiologist, chiropodist or podiatrist, chiropractor, dental hygienist, dental surgeon, dental technologist, denturist, dietician, massage therapist, … Continued

Self-Employed or Employee?

To determine if a worker is an employee or a self-employed individual, one has to examine and analyze the terms and conditions of the worker’s employment as they relate to the following four factors: Control Generally, in an employer – employee relationship the payer exercises control if he/she has the right to hire or fire, … Continued

What’s Driving the Value of Your Business?

Given the current economic climate, we find that most business owners are taking this opportunity to really focus on their operations. In part, this focus is attributed to ensuring their continued success in a period of uncertainty but business owners also want to be well-positioned for when the economy turns around. From a longer term … Continued

Three Strategies to Maximize Benefits from Your Corporate Structure

Your business’s corporate structure is a critical consideration for wealth protection and enhancement. A strategic corporate structure can help protect your wealth, provide tax efficiencies, and allow for the efficient splitting of income amongst family members. Like the sound of those benefits? Read more about three strategies you can use to your advantage. A single … Continued

Creditor Proof Your Business

Your business is most likely the riskiest asset you hold. It is affected by a variety of issues including the economy, labour issues, supply issues, and cash flow to name a few. Many business owners forget to take precautionary steps to protect their investment. Unfortunately, some of those owners may discover that they are too … Continued

Reporting Requirements of Charities & Non-Profit Organizations

The current reporting requirements for Charities & Non-Profit Organizations have left a lot of our clients wondering what exactly they are required to file. This article is intended to act as a general guideline for the reporting requirements of Charities & Non-Profit Organizations.Charities Under the Income Tax Act, every registered charity has to file an … Continued

Think Strategically To Define Your Vision

Most business owners have a vision for their enterprise but often lack the strategies that will enable them to realize that vision. What they need to do is to commence the process of strategic thinking. It helps you adapt to changes in your life and make transitions from one stage to another; it also enables … Continued