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Voted Best Accounting Firm 2009

For the second year in a row, SB Partners has been selected as “Best Accounting Firm for 2009” for the Burlington Post Readers Choice Awards. The Readers Choice Awards is an opportunity for the public to vote for their favourite businesses. SB received the Diamond Award, the highest rating, for the second year in a … Continued

McMaster University Announces SB Partners’ Scholarship Recipient

NEWS RELEASE McMaster University Announces SB Partners' Scholarship Recipient "Former National Gymnast Continues his Winning Ways" As a member of Canada’s National Gymnastics Team, Eric Kafka practiced six days a week for 30 hours to learn intricate routines, master daring tricks and build his strength. Now as an undergraduate student at the DeGroote School of … Continued

Feds Ready to Deliver on Holiday Promise

Tax Free Savings Accounts or TFSAs come into effect January 1st, 2009 and the winner will be you! The federal government is delivering on a promise made in the budget earlier this year that you may have missed. {cms_selflink page='tis-the-season-and-the-government-is-playing-santa' text='Read our article on TFSAs »'} As you pack up the holiday decorations, you should … Continued