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Thinking About Playing With a PlayBook?

Tablets seem to be the newest tech craze these days. They’re lighter and smaller than a laptop, but with a lot of the same functionality, plus people love those touchscreens!

I haven’t bought one yet myself, as I’ve be weighing “need” versus “want”. Do I want one? Oh yah! Do I really need one right now and would I use it enough to justify the 6 or 7 or 8 hundred dollars? Ay, there’s the rub. Would I?

I’ve talked to people who have an iPad or BlackBerry PlayBook and they love them. One woman says she can run her entire business from her iPad…..but the nature of her web design business supports that. There are many other makes of tablets, but let’s face it, iPad and PlayBook are the top runners.

Keep in mind that I am considering a tablet for my own personal use, as well as for SB Partners’ business use. Is a tablet a productive tool for our workplace? How would we use it? Would everyone benefit from one or who, particularly, would get “cost effective” use from one?

Being a recent, very happy BlackBerry convert from a Motorola SmartPhone, I have really been eyeing the PlayBook. So when Joe Schlett, one of our Partners, walked in and told me he’d bought one, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Joe, being a good soul, loaned me the PlayBook over the long weekend and I “ldquo;evaluated” it. I really did! (I may have played Need for Speed once or twice, but that’s all.)

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