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Align All Areas of Your Business
With Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is the method used to analyze, improve, and automate business processes to optimize the success and growth of a business.

At SB Advisory we work with businesses to review and analyze their current processes and workflows and make recommendations to optimize them based on the business requirement.

Our professionals work closely with the team to develop new processes, restructure current processes, and provide documentation support to improve efficiency.

We continue to provide support after implementation is complete to ensure our clients stay on track to meet their business goals.

Business Process
Management Services

  • Enhance operational processes, workflows, and desk procedures
  • Develop process flow and data flow diagrams
  • Optimize workflows, automations, and dashboards in cloud-based platforms

Benefits of Business
Process Management

At SB Advisory, we recognize that our client’s businesses have a greater opportunity for success when their processes are properly managed.  Business Process Management creates a more visible environment for improved efficiency, productivity, communication, and compliance.  Eliminating tribal knowledge through process creation and upkeep streamlines training, reduces errors, and highlights areas requiring improvement.  We support our client’s growth and success by working with them to document and refine their industry expertise so knowledge can be passed seamlessly to their growing team.

Process Clarity

Process and data flow transparency is crucial when working towards achieving company objectives (who does what by when).  Readily available task responsibility, timeframe, and troubleshooting information greatly reduces time loss and redundancies.

Efficiently Manage Resources

Developing processes and online platform workflows can take a lot of time that companies can’t spare; SB Advisory works behind the scenes to ensure our clients are able to stay focused on the future.

How Do I Know if My Organization Needs Business Process Management?

  • Are processes documented, up-to-date, and efficient?
  • Are key team members heavily relied upon for their tribal knowledge?
  • Do you believe tasks could be done a better way but not sure how or where to start?
  • Are workflows automated?

Why Should My Business Outsource Business Process Management?

  • Allows company employees more time to focus on their priorities
  • Access to a growing library of similar processes that only need a few tweaks to suit your specific needs
  • Gain a different perspective from fresh eyes
  • Assists the organization as a whole to understand all aspects involved in each process, not just individual areas of influence

Is Your Business Heading In The Right Direction?

SB Advisory works with growth-minded companies who believe in financial management, understand the critical necessity of reporting, and who are willing and eager to implement strategic decisions to improve performance.

Our team work with clients across North America.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can support your business.
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Operations management has several challenges, the primary being cost management which has been dealt a blow during the pandemic with rising costs, scarce resources and economic impacts. Other challenges include technology, processes, infrastructure and increasingly economic sustainability.

Cycle time refers to the time spent working on producing a product or service from the beginning to the final end product.

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