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The Value Of A CFO Consultant

The role and demands of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) have expanded beyond traditional finance and now incorporates the IT, HR, and operations perspectives.
At SB Advisory, we work closely with key decision-makers to align and balance these four perspectives to ensure the future success of your business.

CFO Consulting Services

Executive and Strategy Management

    • Member of the executive management team
    • Plan and implement growth strategy, profitability strategy, and acquisitions
    • Key member of corporate governance
    • Oversee IT functions
    • Oversee HR functions

Financial Services

    • Financial review and analysis
    • Costing, budgeting, and forecasting
    • Financial and risk management strategies
    • Product and service pricing analysis
    • Negotiate financial contracts

Why Should I Use an
On-Demand CFO?

Gain the freedom and flexibility to accomplish more in your business.  Our CFO consultants bring extensive experience in financial management, strategic reporting, and the analysis required to advise on strategic business decision-making so you can feel confident in the future success of your business.

Growing and Scaling On A Budget

Avoid the shocks of escalating costs, expenses, and taxes. Our CFO consultants are experienced in managing growth and anticipating potential challenges and pitfalls.

Efficiently Manage Resources

Productivity and efficiencies play an important role in achieving the organization’s financial goals.

SB Advisory’s CFO consultants look at the macro and micro levels to achieve the most effective and efficient resource utilization.  Spend more time developing teams, products, services, and customer base.

How Do I Know if I Need a
CFO Consultant?

Consider CFO Consulting services if you find yourself:

  • Needing a better understanding of financial reports
  • Needing guidance on budgeting and forecasting
  • Implementing financial strategy, but don’t know where to start
  • Overwhelmed with improving your company’s financial health
  • Positioned for growth, but feel stuck

When Do I Need a
CFO Consultant?

You need a CFO Consultant when you want to understand and successfully grow your business in a financially healthy way.

Is Your Business Heading In The Right Direction?

SB Advisory works with growth-minded companies who believe in financial management, understand the critical necessity of reporting, and who are willing and eager to implement strategic decisions to improve performance.

Our team work with clients across North America.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can support your business.
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Operations management has several challenges, the primary being cost management which has been dealt a blow during the pandemic with rising costs, scarce resources and economic impacts. Other challenges include technology, processes, infrastructure and increasingly economic sustainability.

Cycle time refers to the time spent working on producing a product or service from the beginning to the final end product.

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