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Create The Strategy Your Business Needs To Meet Its Greatest Potential

Creating and implementing strategies to reach corporate objectives can be a daunting task.

At SB Advisory work with our clients to fully understand their business and provide guidance in setting both realistic and aspirational objectives that will drive successful growth.

The Objectives and key Results (OKR) framework promotes alignment, communication, and a positive environment while progressing towards the end goals.

Objectives and Key Results Services

  • Establish the direction of the company and achievement strategy
  • Focus alignment between key team members and departments
  • Progress success measurements
  • Become an industry differentiator

Benefits Of Objectives and Key Results

Employing the OKR method allows organizations to gain an understanding of which areas in their business impact successfully achieving the corporate goals. Being able to measure progress using tangible numbers brings a high level of appreciation for the effort focused towards aligned success. Change can be scary and isolating however the team contribution structure of the OKR framework fosters a positive environment throughout the process.

Teamwork Makes The
Dream Work

When the road map for the future success of the company is well crafted and everyone involved is aligned on what is and is not important, progress towards the end goal becomes a focused team effort. Objectives and Key Results influence the cultivation of a strong and positive team environment, especially when having to handle unavoidable setbacks.

Become An Industry Differentiator

When faced with the question of how to increase the success of your business, don’t ask yourself what different things you can do, but how you can do things differently. Doing things differently puts your organization in a completely separate league from industry competitors and opens new doors to new opportunities.

What’s the Difference Between KRA and KPI?

Key result areas (KRAs) are the strategies put in place to achieve the objective, whereas key performance indicators (KPIs) are the measurable “business as usual” tasks that indicate whether what you are doing will result in a successful or failed goal.  For example, if the KRA looks at how to optimize revenue a KPI could be a monthly report tracking the revenue per employee hour.  If the revenue increases but the employee hours remain the same, then your team is successfully optimizing revenue.

Is Your Business Heading In The Right Direction?

SB Advisory works with growth-minded companies who believe in financial management, understand the critical necessity of reporting, and who are willing and eager to implement strategic decisions to improve performance.

Our team work with clients across North America.

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Operations management has several challenges, the primary being cost management which has been dealt a blow during the pandemic with rising costs, scarce resources and economic impacts. Other challenges include technology, processes, infrastructure and increasingly economic sustainability.

Cycle time refers to the time spent working on producing a product or service from the beginning to the final end product.

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