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Beyond Accounting: Build A Better Business With ERP Architecture Consulting

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are a big investment that impacts businesses in the long term.  It requires expert knowledge, careful preparation, and thoughtful implementation in order to be successful. 

Acting as a catalyst, SB Advisory’s stage-by-stage assessment enables organizations to thoroughly understand the required outcomes of the business to ensure the right solution is selected and implemented. 

We focus on reporting and analysis using Power BI tools to arm our clients with information to make intelligent business decisions. 

ERP Architecture
Consulting Services

  • Business needs and IT infrastructure assessment
  • Cost and value assessment
  • Criteria evaluation and module analysis
  • Value-added reseller recommendation
  • Implementation oversight

How Our ERP Architecture Consultants Can Help

Our ERP consultants have extensive experience that clients can tap into to navigate the intricacies involved in selecting and implementing the correct ERP system. With a deep understanding of the business needs and requirements, our ERP consultants liaise with value-added resellers on behalf of our clients.

Reduce Expenses With The Right ERP System

By integrating and coordinating systems, businesses can identify and avoid costly redundancies, unnecessary expenditures, and incompatible technology.

Working Remotely

Cloud-based ERP systems are the “here and now”. As business function capabilities change, having a system that connects all aspects of the business and integrates the data through a single portal increases the possibilities and opportunities for remote work. Tap into a broader network of talent and clients.

Real-Time Data Reporting

In today’s economic climate, agility is the edge you need to respond to changing conditions. With proper ERP management, current data is available in real-time allowing you to make decisions at moments notice.

Is Your Business Heading In The Right Direction?

SB Advisory works with growth-minded companies who believe in financial management, understand the critical necessity of reporting, and who are willing and eager to implement strategic decisions to improve performance.

Our team work with clients across North America.

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Operations management has several challenges, the primary being cost management which has been dealt a blow during the pandemic with rising costs, scarce resources and economic impacts. Other challenges include technology, processes, infrastructure and increasingly economic sustainability.

Cycle time refers to the time spent working on producing a product or service from the beginning to the final end product.

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