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Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Services

Providing streamlined and efficient processes in all areas of the business 

The Value of a Virtual CFO

Over the last several years the role and demands of a CFO has expanded beyond traditional finance and now incorporates IT, HR, and operations. At SB Advisory, we understand that the success and value of a business is in the balance of these four areas and we work closely with the CEO and other senior management team members as a trusted partner to ensure that these perspectives are well balanced to ensure the future success of your business.

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Part of SB Advisory

SB Advisory works hard to support the growth of your company with efficient and effective processes.

SB Advisory CFO services include:

Executive and Strategic Management

  • Member of executive management team
  • Plan and implement growth strategy
  • Plan and implement acquisitions
  • Plan and implement profitability strategy
  • Key member of corporate governance3
  • Head finance and accounting departments
  • Oversee IT function
  • Oversee HR function

Financial Services

  • Formulate Financial Strategy, Tax Strategy, and Risk Management Strategy
  • Funding for Capital Projects
  • Communicate with Stakeholders
  • Negotiate Financial Covenants
  • Plan & Oversee Annual Audit
  • Develop Management Reports, Policies, Procedures, and Internal Controls
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Capital Expenditure Planning
  • Recommend and Implement Software

Benefits Of Outsourcing A CFO

Freedom to work on your business knowing the right processes are in place to allow you and your team to be as effective and efficient as possible.

Get control of your business

Over the last several years, the role and demands on a CFO has expanded beyond traditional finance and now incorporates IT, HR, operations, and health and safety, among others.  Your business strategy is of the utmost importance and demands high quality service.  Our Virtual CFO will provide you with the detail-oriented attention required to inform strategic business decisions so that you can feel confident in the future success of your business

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Growing and scaling on a budget

Avoid the shocks of escalating costs, expenses and taxes. A virtual CFO is experienced at managing growth and anticipating potential challenges and pitfalls.

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Efficiently manage resources

Particularly your time! Avoid spending precious resources chasing paperwork, and compiling data when you can outsource CFO services. Spend more time developing your teams, products, services and customer base.

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Who We Work With

  • Business owners
  • SMEs
  • Start-ups
  • Private corporations


Consider virtual CFO services if you find yourself:

  • Procrastinating on addressing your financials
  • Unsure of how to handle the next set of challenges
  • Consumed with operations, production, HR and clients
  • Positioned for growth, but feel stuck

You need a CFO when you have a growing team, board of directors, or not enough time to manage all the paperwork and consistently review the financial health of your company.

Areas Served

Our team of chartered professional accountants (CPAs) work with clients across Southern Ontario, including:

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