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A Minute on SR&ED

Supporting Documentation

Supporting Documentation is an important part of your SR&ED claim.

Without evidence of work performed, the Canada Revenue Agency could deny your project.

Dated documentation should be created from the beginning of the project and continue during the experimental process, not afterwards.

Examples of Technical Documentation are:

• Project planning documents
• Timesheets resource records
• Design of experiments
• Project records, lab notebooks
• Architecture and source code
• Records of trial runs
• Reports and minutes of meetings
• Test protocol, data, results
• Photographs, videos, drawings
• Samples and prototypes
• Contracts
• Others, specify

Document all material expenditures for prototypes, samplings and trial runs in addition to providing supporting evidence, i.e., samples, photos, videos, scrap tickets, etc.

Use templates to track all of your labour/salary, material and sub-contractor expenditures. SB Partners can help you design easy to use templates if you do not have them.

Remember, the time to start gathering documentation is at the beginning of the project and continue to completion.

Please remember to register for our November 9 Coffee with the Tax Team seminar, “Surviving the SR&ED Audit”. Register online or call Niki at 905-633-6352 to register today.

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