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SB Portal FAQ

Brittany Phillips on February 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

1. What is a portal?
A portal is a secure, electronic storage location for file transfer. Clients can upload files to the portal or download from the portal.

2. How do I reset my password?
Go to and click “Forgot Password?”. Enter the required info and a new, temporary password will be emailed to you.

3. What happens when I upload my files to the portal?
Uploading is a process of copying files across an encrypted internet session to a secure location. When the upload is complete, an automatic email informs us requesting approval of the upload. Once approved, the file is copied to your client area in our Document Management system.

4. A PDF document that I downloaded has Print Only security applied to it using password protection. How do I secure the document further to stop unauthorized opening?
Best practice would be to put this document in a folder with permission security for users. For example, a folder called Finance might not allow access to general staff, but full access for Finance Department Staff.

5. Do my files stay on the portal indefinitely?
No, there is an expiration of 90 days. This automatic setting helps us with space management. If you notice that something is missing from the portal after you upload, it’s likely because it’s been moved to our internal servers and “unpublished” by our staff. If you notice that something is missing that we uploaded for you, it may be a result of the expiration date, however, it can be uploaded again upon request.

6. Can I delete files from the portal?
If you would like something deleted from the “Items from SB” folder, you can put a check in for
the document, then click on the “More” button and select “Request for Deletion”. The deletion will take place within 48 hours.

7. How do I download a file?
See the “Portal Quick Start Guide” or the full “User Guide” by clicking the link on this page:

8. How do I upload?
See the “Portal Quick Start Guide” or the full “User Guide” by clicking the link on this page:

9. What size of file(s) can I upload?
This should not be a concern. In testing, we uploaded files up to several gigabytes in size without any issue.

10. Am I notified when something is uploaded for me to download?
Yes. You will receive an email from

11. Do I have to use a specific web browser?
This system works with all web browsers and should even work on your tablet or smartphone.

12. As a bookkeeper, do I need a separate login for each client?
No. This system also allows for one bookkeeper to access multiple, separate client portals through a single log on. When you log on, your authorized portals appear in a drop-down list on the upper left.

13. How secure is the portal?
Security of client information is critically important to SB Partners. The CCH Portal is hosted in Canada and uses the same type of encryption as online banking, whereas items sent via email are not encrypted.

14. How does the portal comply with Canadian laws?
SB Partners is fully-compliant with the Canadian Privacy Act called PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronics Document Act). This means all of our software and hosted services meet the standards outlined in the Act.

15. Is this portal in “the Cloud”? How secure is the Cloud?
Yes, this is a cloud-based portal, meaning that the information is residing “out there somewhere”. Not all “Cloud” applications are equal, which is why we chose to use CCH\Wolters Kluwer as our host.
CCH\Wolters Kluwer is a premier tax and accounting software provider across Canada and around the world. They understand our industry’s need for security and privacy of documents. They also understand that we wish our portal content to be stored only on Canadian-based servers.

16. Can I give other staff in my company access to the portal?
Yes, just let us know their names and email addresses. With this request, we ask that you consider security concerns on your side. If any of these staff members leave your company, you must remember to inform us to delete their access.

17. Who do I contact for help?
You can email You also received a User Guide in your initial setup emails for reference or can access it on this web page: