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Business Valuation

Negotiate with knowledge. SB Partners offers independent, credible and objective valuation, and related consulting services. Whether settling an estate, selling your first start-up, or dividing your assets, we can help you navigate and better understand the numbers and optimize your outcome.
Quality of Earnings

Quality of Earnings

We'll deliver an accurate, current and objective report outlining how your company generates earnings and creates value.

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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Buying or selling a business? Our team will provide expert financial advice to benefit you through maximizing the "take home" value of your interests.

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Litigation Support & Family Law

Litigation Support & Family Law

Make informed decisions to help avoid costly litigation, reach an equitable settlement in the division of family assets where a business is owned and reach position yourself for a favourable outcome with legal proceedings for damages in tort law.

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When negotiating the sale of a business, succession planning, or looking to achieve other important financial goals, obtaining a credible and objective valuation of your business can play a critical role in enhancing your outcome.

SB Partners provides professional business valuation and litigation support services by an experienced team.

Equipped with a clear, sound, and comprehensive valuation you will be empowered to:

  • Enhance your approach in negotiating a transaction price
  • Augment management strategies and focus to maximize value
  • Drive long-term value creation

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SB Partners

Business Valuation Services

We have successfully assisted our clients in many facets of their businesses pertaining to valuation including ensuring that their companies were strategically positioned to generate and achieve maximum value. Common situations that give rise to the need for valuation and related services include:

  • Income tax planning and compliance valuations
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Matrimonial separation
  • Shareholder disputes, minority shareholder dissent and oppression claims
  • Identification and valuation of intangible assets (such intellectual property, customer relationships, technology, trademarks, brand names)
  • Partnership/private shareholder admissions
  • Acquisition pricing analysis
  • Sale of a business
  • Shareholder buy-sell pricing and valuation formulas
  • Strategy development and valuations including financial modelling
  • Valuation of employee options and warrants
  • Business reorganizations
  • Goodwill and intangible asset recognition and impairment testing for financial reporting purposes

How can a valuation support your goals?

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SB Partners

Benefits of working with our professional business valuation advisors

At SB Partners, in addition to Chartered Professional Account designations our advisors have Chartered Business Valuation designations. As specialized accounting and valuation professionals with training and experience in corporate finance and business valuations, we provide accurate, professional assessments that stand up to the scrutiny from CRA or opposing legal counsel in a court of law.

Who We Work With

Working with you to establish the value of your business

  • Small Medium Enterprises (commonly referred to as SMEs)
  • Privately-owned and managed companies


It comes down to the magnitude of the cashflow the business can generate and, the inherent risks (such as customer risk, supplier risk, industry risk, regulatory risk, employee risk, key person reliance risk) associated with generating those cashflows, and assessing whether the business and its assets are transferable to a potential buyer (i.e., is not the personal goodwill of the owner).

Quite often a business is the most significant asset of the business owner so an understanding of what the asset is worth is important. Also, understanding critical success factors to the operations and risks of the business to improve value is beneficial so that the owner’s exit strategy is planned well in advance, improving the price that will be achieved in a sales transaction.


Any business owner can benefit from this. Your business should always be ready for a sale. Understanding what it is worth if you ever approached is good to know. As it allows you to focus assessing offers made by a prospective buyer.

Other reasons include income tax purposes and estate planning.

In regards to income tax planning purposes, obtaining a valuation completed at fair market value to meet CRA requirements is highly recommended. Obtaining a valuation in this context limits your exposure and future potential liabilities with CRA by supports the value that the shareholders of a business are transacting at.

With respect to estate planning, it is beneficial to understand the potential value and size of an estates’ assets as these govern tax strategies and planning around a business owner’s death and facilitating the transfer of the business to the next generation while minimizing the taxes owing upon death of the tax payer.

A business valuation ensures you are transacting at a price that is at least equal to or greater than  the value of your business, so you can reap the fruits of your labour.

Business owners may have unreasonable expectations of their company, and quite often price the business at more than it is actually worth.

A business valuation will help you accurately assess the value of the business and provide you with the ammunition to enter negotiations to maximize the price you will ultimately receive.

There are three types of performing business valuations:

  1. Asset based valuations
  2. Earnings based valuations
  3. Market based valuations

SB Partners work with different industries. Our valuation team most often provide services in these industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Software Development
  • Consulting
  • Landscaping
  • Metal fabrication
  • Restaurant service

We have worked with different types of industries, not limited to the items listed above, and different sizes of companies.

Our accounting firm not only works with SMEs and privately owned businesses, we also work with partnerships and publicly traded corporations.

Business valuation is the process of determining a business’s economic worth, crucial for decisions like mergers, acquisitions (M&A), and tax planning. A Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) is recommended due to their specialized training and expertise. CBVs provide accurate and credible valuations by analyzing financials, market trends, and unique business aspects. They tailor approaches to the business’s nature and purpose of valuation, handle complexities, and offer insights for strategic decisions. CBVs are trusted for litigation support, M&A negotiations, tax planning, and financial reporting. Their expertise ensures accurate business value assessment, benefiting stakeholders and informed decision-making.

Areas Served

Our team of chartered professional accountants (CPAs) work with clients across Southern Ontario, including:

Other Services

Accounting, Assurance & Advisory

Accounting, Assurance & Advisory

Our accounting, assurance, and advisory professionals will help you prepare and understand your financial reports, unveiling the story they tell. Through insight and strategic thinking, our expert team will find tailored solutions to help you better understand and more effectively manage your business.

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Corporate Tax Services

Corporate Tax Services

We attend to your corporate taxes, and the CRA, so that you can attend to your business. Our tax specialists ensure you are prepared and confident for the future with a customized tax strategy and plan.

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