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Get valuable insights on your business to help you better manage risks and capitalize on opportunities.

Accounting, Assurance & Advisory

Our accounting, assurance, and advisory professionals will help you prepare and understand your financial reports, unveiling the story they tell. Through insight and strategic thinking, our expert team will find tailored solutions to help you better understand and more effectively manage your business.
Succession Planning

Succession Planning

A succession plan will provide a strategic map of what should be executed, how and by who.

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Audit, Review & Compilations Services

Audit, Review & Compilations Services

When you need support or have a problem, we are here to help. Through education and reviews, we offer solutions to address your concerns.

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Accounting for Not-for-Profits

Accounting for Not-for-Profits

Our not-for-profit team will help ensure your organization is maximizing its potential and doing more with every dollar.

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As a business owner, you are great at managing your product or service and taking it to market. But businesses are complex and so is the regulatory and compliance environment that you operate in every day. You can’t know everything, and you don’t have the time to deal with it all. It is important that you have a trusted advisor on your side to get you through it. That is where we come in.

As CPAs, we know financial statements and tax but we also understand business and the operating environment for both private enterprise and not-for-profit organizations. We can help you navigate the business world and make your goals a reality.

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Did you know?

We also offer comprehensive business advisory services.

From succession planning to ERP project management to virtual full-cycle accounting, our consultants are here to bridge the gaps in your business and support your growth.

The team in our Assurance and Advisory group will work with you to learn and understand your business, assess your needs and work with you for solutions tailored to your requirements so you can focus on what you are great at doing in your business.

Accounting and assurance services give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your business. Our team of professionals will help reveal the story behind the numbers.

Have confidence knowing that the financial details you are using as the foundation of decisions about your business are accurate and complete. Gain insights on where you are and where you are currently headed.

When it is time to take action, we offer additional consulting and business support services to help you meet the business challenges of today. We support your progress and success with planning and preparation in areas such as corporate structuring, cash flow management, financing, budget and forecasting, a quarterly review of results, and strategic planning.

Our Assurance and Advisory Services are designed to assist in meeting your needs to make your business life easier. Our services include

  • Annual financial statements and tax returns
  • Tax planning
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Quarterly review meetings
  • Strategic planning
  • Corporate structuring
  • Ad-hoc business advice
  • Key performance indicators
  • Internal controls
  • Special purpose audits

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SB Partners

Why is assurance accounting important?

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Professional advice when you need it.

Professional, objective insights about your business from a dedicated team experienced in your business or industry. From start-ups to large corporations, not-for-profits and entrepreneurs, we provide decision-makers with the information needed for strategic planning and success.
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Strategic Insights

Many business owners have a plan or goal for the business, but they don’t necessarily know how to get there or recognize all the areas to be focused on in that planning. We can provide strategic insight into these matters to help strengthen your plan and guide you on matters such as financing, structure or regulatory matters.
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Beyond Compliance and Tax Services

We go beyond standard reporting to offer you in-depth analysis, business support and risk management to avoid common pitfalls. Specialty services include due diligence, special purpose audits, internal control reviews, and corporate structuring.
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Confidence to go forward

With our accounting and assurance services you can be sure you have complete and accurate information. With the marketplace in constant motion, you will be able to adjust your operations to meet changing needs and demands based on sound financial reports and strategic advice for growth, taxation, risk management, restructuring or acquisitions.

Who we work with

  • Corporations
  • Owner managed/private enterprise
  • Partnerships
  • Start-ups
  • SMEs
  • Not-for-profits
  • High-net worth individuals


Most businesses start as one single corporation. The business grows and becomes more complex. At this point, it may make sense to review your corporate structure to ensure you are maximizing your opportunities and reducing exposure. By having additional corporations, you can reduce your exposure to risk and also streamline the operations of your business.

There are three types of reports produced:

  1. Notice To Reader – does not provide any level of assurance to the user of the statements
  2. Review Engagement – provides a limited level of assurances to the user of the statements
  3. Audit engagement – provides the highest level of assurance of the user of the statements

Usually, the use of assurance engagements are a result of bank financing requests, owners who may not be actively involved in the business or for businesses who might potentially be looking to be sold in the near future.

An Audit Engagement is the highest level of assurance of the user of the statements.

Corporate structures may change as business grows and industries and economy change.

A review of the business plan, your circumstances, the purpose of the company (eg. Holding Company for cash, investments, family trust) will help determine what the best corporate structures are for your situation and goals.

An analysis would need to be done to determine the relationship between net profits, profitability, and cashflow. An examination of how cash is used in the business can reveal how the cash flow cycle could be improved to benefit your company.

The ideal finance structure for your company will depend on the cash needs of the business.All businesses need to assess both their short and long-term cash requirements. Most businesses will need some type of short-term financing – such as a line of credit (LOC) – to be able to manage operating cash flow.

Longer term financing needs are usually based on capital expenditures which are typically financed by longer term debt to match the life span of the underlying asset (e.g. investment in equipment with a life span of 6 years would be financed with a longer-term bank loan that would match the timeline of the asset).

Budgeting is a part of a planning process that you undertake in advance of your next business year. It is where you plan for the results of the company’s activities for the next year. Budgeting is important because it provides a target for management to strive for in its operations.

Forecasting is performed at different times over the year to provide a best estimate to as to where the company results will end up at the end of the year. Forecasting has more relevance as the year progresses since this process can take into account changes in the business environment that management might not been able to identify at the beginning of the year (e.g. economic downturn or change in interest rates).

Working with a professional can help you interpret what the numbers mean and where they are going. This can be invaluable for the business owner to ensure they have a correct understanding to be able to assess their future strategies. In addition, the quarterly review provides a great opportunity to discuss upcoming plans and be able to get input from your professional advisor.

A CPA can provide input on your strategic plans regarding how they can affect profitability of the business and taxation. This information may change the strategic plan to better maximize profitability for the business.

Areas Served

Our team of chartered professional accountants (CPAs) work with clients across Southern Ontario, including:

Other Services

Corporate Tax Services

Corporate Tax Services

We attend to your corporate taxes, and the CRA, so that you can attend to your business. Our tax specialists ensure you are prepared and confident for the future with a customized tax strategy and plan.

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Business Valuation

Business Valuation

Negotiate with knowledge. SB Partners offers independent, credible and objective valuation, and related consulting services. Whether settling an estate, selling your first start-up, or dividing your assets, we can help you navigate and better understand the numbers and optimize your outcome.

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