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Living Our Why

Why is SB Partners in business? To care for and strengthen the fabric of our community.

We care for and strengthen our clients/business community, the community we work and live in and the community within SB Partners.

For the Community we work and live in, here are some of the ways we have been living our “why”.

SB Partners Education Scholarship
The SB Partners Education Scholarship, established in 2007, provides $3,000 annually to a deserving Burlington high school student intending to pursue accounting or business. The fund was established and is managed by the Burlington Foundation and the scholarship award is rotated between the Burlington high schools each year.

On June 28, John Chisholm presented the SB Partners Education Scholarship Award to a promising Grade 12 student from Burlington Central High School. In 2019, the award will go to a student from Corpus Christi Secondary School.

Carpenter Hospice – Making Room Project
The Carpenter Hospice serves the Burlington community by providing care and dignity to patients and their loved ones when it is needed most. As our population ages, the call for hospice services will only increase. The Carpenter Hospice is raising $3 million for its Making Room Project. Phase one will see the construction of new state-of-the-art resident rooms, enhancing comfort, access to the outdoors, and private spaces for families.

In the spirit of strengthening and caring for the fabric of our community, SB Partners has committed a total of $10,000 towards the Making Room Project.

Heart and Stroke – Big Bike Event

The SB team showed their heart by participating in the Big Bike event on July 5. This was not a firm initiative – just something our employees wanted to do. They gave to the community with their time and generosity. We feel honoured to work with a group of people who go above and beyond to make a difference locally, nationally and globally.


YMCA Hamilton Burlington Brantford
This year John Chisholm became Chair of the Board of Directors for the YMCA of Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford, and looks forward to serving and supporting the goals of this trusted charitable organization.

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