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Your Future Goals
Need a Solid Financial Plan

At SBC Financial, we understand how hard you have worked for your wealth, and the importance of financial security when you look into the future.

Our approach to wealth management is a little different. We believe that when your accountant, financial planner, and investment manager communicate with each other (and with you) it provides an integrated network that ensures the effective coordination of your financial affairs.

Why Choose an Integrated Financial Planning & Wealth Management Solution?

Many of our clients come to us because they have one or more of the following questions:

  • Will I have enough money to set aside to lead the life I want to in retirement?
  • What should my financial plan include?
  • Can my financial plan adapt to my current and future needs?
  • Are my investments supporting or hindering my financial future?
  • Am I being over-taxed on my investments?
  • Why are my financial advisors giving me different advice?

Our main goal is to secure your financial future. The integrated approach means we generate results that ensure all of the “moving parts” in your portfolio are being coordinated in one plan. We’ll even work with your lawyer and insurance advisor to make sure your will and insurance coverage are consistent with your financial and estate plans.

What Services do SBC Financial Offer?

Financial Planning

Assess your financial situation, discover your long-term goals and make a plan to reach them

Investment Management

Together with Independent Accountants’ Investment Counsel Inc. we will sustainably grow your portfolio.

Estate Planning

Determining how your assets will be preserved, managed and distributed after you’re gone.

Retirement Planning

Plan for your future by creating a retirement plan that works well with your budget.

Asset Protection

Protect the future you’re investing in.

Education Planning

Prepare and plan for post-secondary education and related expenses.

How does Financial Planning Work?

In a nutshell, financial planning is a process that allows you to make informed decisions about your financial future. Your Wealth Management Advisor at SBC Financial will guide you through five critical steps:

  1. You talk, and we’ll listen. 
    We need to understand your objective, your risk tolerance and your future plans before we can develop a Financial Plan.
  2. Review your current situation
    We’ll analyze your current and projected cash flow, assets, investments, and liabilities, and create a customized portfolio strategy.
    We’ll also summarize and review your insurance coverage to make sure it aligns with your future needs, so your assets and income are protected.
  3. Review what you have in place for the future
    We need to understand what you already have in place: What is included in your will? Who is your power of attorney? What is the value of your estate and how do you want it distributed?
  4. Implement your customized strategy
    When we’re confident we have all the information we need, have spoken to the right people, and have a financial plan that meets your needs, we will set the wheels in motion.
  5. Regularly assess
    We don’t set the wheels in motion and then walk away. The team at SBC Financial will regularly check in with you and make sure your financial plan continues to align with your current situation and your future goals.


Financial Planning Resources

Integrating the investment process with accounting, tax and estate planning learn about the power of integration.

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Our resource library provides financial planning insights and information to help preserve your wealth for the future.

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SB Partners LogoFor over 50 years, SB Partners has served as trusted advisors to entrepreneurs, privately held companies, not-for-profit organizations, Canadian corporate subsidiaries, and high-net-worth individuals. Their unrestrained thinking, agile strategies, and high-quality services have allowed them to grow into one of the leading independent regional accounting firms in the Golden Horseshoe.

A full-service firm, SB Partners’ team of Chartered Professional Accountants support business owners at every stage of growth, including Assurance and Advisory, Business Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Succession Planning, Estate Planning, Corporate Tax Services, and Tax Planning.

Partnered with TriCert

Through a referral arrangement, SBC Financial Services offers you direct access to TriCert Investment Counsel’s Portfolio Managers who will tailor an investment management strategy that is specific to your unique circumstances. Working with your accountant and financial planner, TriCert Investment Counsel’s Portfolio Managers take a quality sector-based (QSect™) approach to investing.

TriCert Investment Counsel is owned in part by SB Partners LLP. TriCert Investment Counsel is registered with the securities regulators as a Portfolio Manager and is engaged to provide clients with discretionary portfolio management.

To learn more, visit the TriCert website.


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