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Co-op Experience for Accounting Students

SB Partners has been around since 1974 and has a longstanding tradition of hosting co-op students, and offering them a rewarding experience that often leads to a career.

As a Co-op student, you will work alongside our Associates and Managers to understand what it means to work in a Public Accounting Firm. You will apply your knowledge of Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE) and Accounting Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations (ASNFPO), increasing your exposure to a wide variety of accounting software, and developing your communication and conflict-resolution skills while boosting your confidence.

Meet Jora, an SB Partners Co-op Student

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FAQs about a Co-op Placement at SB Partners

We offer three co-op terms each year, adjusting the number of students based on the workload we have at the time.

January – April 30: This is our busy season and the number of coops taken on for the term is higher than others.

May – August 31: This is our slower period, reflected by the smaller number of co-ops we take at this time.

September – December 31: This is our second busiest period

  • Preparing compilations and assurance working papers
  • Preparing corporate tax returns (T2s)
  • Preparing personal tax returns (T1s)
  • Preparing trust tax returns (T3s)
  • Preparing income slip returns for corporate clients (T4s and T5s)
  • Extracting data with QuickBooks
  • Creating financial statements with CaseWare and CaseView
  • Preparing tax returns using TaxPrep modules
  • Tracking your work and billing with CCH iFirm
  • Supporting your co-workers in audit teams and a team environment
  • Collaborating with your team to gather data to complete your work
  • Building relationships with clients by corresponding through professional emails, phone calls, and in-person
  • Importing trial balances
  • Establishing charts of accounts
  • Preparing journal entries
  • Reviewing and correct discrepancies and irregularities in financial entries, documents, and reports
  • Assessing materiality for assets and liabilities
  • Preparing balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and other relevant reports

Are you ready to be challenged, rewarded, and inspired?

Our people are our best asset. That is why we will invest in you to provide opportunities to build your skills and enhance your career. You will receive in-depth training and explore tax, audit, and assurance. Also, you will receive mentorship from our Partners and Management including hands-on experience with clients. This is your chance to expand your business knowledge.

And, it is not all about work. Being the best at what you do is about developing into a well-rounded professional, and that requires balance in both your professional and personal life. Maintaining a work-life balance is essential to your mental health, physical health, and well-being. At SB Partners, our environment reflects that philosophy. We know that a little flexibility goes a long way.

Having fun and making a positive impact on the community is part of our culture. Our team members often tell us they feel they are part of something more than just an accounting firm. It is truly a community here.


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