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Tax Tip 1 – Tax on Split Income | Tax on Passive Income

Tax Tip of the Week One

Raffaele Ruberto on November 29, 2018 in Tax

Each Friday, until the end of January 2019, I will provide helpful information on how business owners and their family members can mitigate the new Tax on Split Income (“TOSI”) and upcoming Tax on Passive Income (“TOPI”) rules.

If there are any topics you would like addressed, or have specific questions you need answered, just send me an email

Tax on Split Income (“TOSI”) TIP OF THE WEEK

Have you paid a dividend from your corporation to a non-active family member in 2018 and are concerned about whether it will be taxed at the highest tax rate? You have time till December 31, 2018, to possibly reorganize your corporation and mitigate your exposure by contacting SB Partners to gain access to ten signature TOSI Solutions.

Tax on Passive Income (“TOPI”) TIP OF THE WEEK

Looking to crystalize gains or reallocate investable assets prior to December 31, 2018? It may be time to switch to investments that appreciate in value instead of paying investment income. Before making such decisions, you should consider how the TOPI rules might affect you.

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