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SME’s Receive 50M Support to Grow Export Markets

On March 18th, Prime Minister Harper announced a total of $50 million over five years to support export market development.

Advisory: “Ransomware” is on the Increase

No matter what your business is, including the business of life, one of your top 3 priorities should be security – and in this specific case, “cyber-security”.

Separating YOU From Your Business

Previously, I wrote a blog about business value drivers and how certain factors can impact the value of a business. Now I’d like to address what is probably the biggest value driver in any small to medium enterprise – you as the business owner.

Five Reasons Auto Dealers Should Have a Personal Financial Plan - Part 3 Account for Risk

Most business owners don’t take into account the level of risk that they have in their own private business.

CRA Release Fourth Quarter Interest Rates

You would expect an accounting firm to encourage the paying of taxes in a timely manner, but really, it just makes good financial sense to avoid paying interest on outstanding monetary obligations. SB Partners can help if you need assistance in planning for your tax payments.

Five Reasons Auto Dealers Should Have a Personal Financial Plan - Part 2 Manage Assets

Today we reveal the second reason why developing a comprehensive financial strategy is important to an auto dealer’s long-term financial success. Manage Assets After the plan has been developed, the portfolio needs to be managed.  Recognizing that there are a multitude of great online brokerage systems, investing the time to research and monitor investments is … Continued

Economic Outlook for 2015 - What’s Ahead?

Attending a wealth management conference this past weekend, I had the opportunity to hear two (2) interesting economic forecasts from TD Bank and National Bank.

5 Reasons Auto Dealers Should Have a Personal Financial Plan - Part 1 Secure Your Future

Most auto dealers would agree that personal financial planning is important but too often multiple priorities and the daily pressures of the business distract from developing a comprehensive strategy. Over the next five weeks, read through why financial planning is important and then see if you are ready to get started. Secure Your Future As … Continued

Removing Emotion from Corporate Succession Planning

Separating business needs from emotional responses. That’s the challenge facing family business owners…

Tax Reminder App

‘There’s an app for that.’ This by now familiar refrain has been used to describe numerous new offerings designed to improve accessibility, efficiency or effectiveness for any number of new software programs.