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A Minute on SR&ED

2011 in Review and What’s New for 2012

SR&ED 2011 in Review

The last year has been quite exciting for the SR&ED Team at SB Partners.

While most of our clients are maintaining their SR&ED initiatives, we are hyped up about the 45% increase in new clients who joined us in 2011. Additionally, a further 20% are showing keen interest in becoming first time SR&ED claimants.

Referrals and old acquaintances may add another 20% increase; a combination of experienced SR&ED claimants and first timers.

Our diversified client base at SB Partners has taken the SR&ED Team in multiple industry directions. Here are some of the innovative areas some of our clients were working on in 2011:

  • Horticulture – new irrigation technology
  • Manufacturing – new tooling to sort and orientation parts automatically
  • Transportation – new methods of shipping heavy loads; new software to determine space optimization
  • Software Development – new interactive training systems
  • Metal Plating – new tooling to improve quality and reduce rejects
  • Chemical Formulating – experimentation to reduce the use of harmful chemicals
  • Tool & Die – new tooling technology for forming of tubular steel

In 2011 we were pleased to offer our clients flexible project schedules throughout the year to reduce those awful year end scrambles.

Throughout 2011 we continued to explore how we could further offer our clients value added products and services that will help them to achieve maximum SR&ED claims without the burden of a labour intensive record keeping system.

What’s New for 2012?

In 2012, SB Partners will present a new service to clients feeling the crunch of SR&ED documentation requirements. The SR&ED Administrative Management Services Program will be offered free of charge to SB Partners’ SR&ED clients. This service improves Client-Consultant communications providing for quick, simple, yet compliant, tracking of SR&ED activities and expenditures.

Watch for more information in early 2012 through the “A Minute on SR&ED” Blogs and direct client mailings.

As we close out 2011 and look forward to an exciting 2012, I wish all of you a safe and happy Holiday Season.


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