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Your estate. Your family’s future. Your peace of mind. Let’s plan.

Protect your loved ones, your wealth, and your legacy with a comprehensive estate plan unique to your situation. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress on your family in the future, minimize taxes, or avoid any uncertainty around your estate wishes, our team can help coordinate with lawyers and other financial planners to build out an estate plan tailored for you.

What we do

Our trust and estate planning specialists can assist you with all of your estate planning needs. We plan and coordinate:

  • wills
  • trusts
  • foundations
  • power of attorney
  • executor support
  • tax filings

Your life and legacy are unique. Our team will help your values live on with a tailored plan to meet your goals.

Who needs estate planning services?

Anyone over the age of majority in their province can benefit from having a will and an estate plan. However, an estate plan is even more important for high-net-worth individuals and business owners.

Our team has worked with a variety of different business owners and professionals in and around Burlington, Oakville, and Hamilton. We know that professionals will have different needs and tax requirements than someone in the manufacturing industry — that’s why our team of estate planning experts take the time to discover your current financial status and goals to develop a customized plan that suits your unique situation.

Did you know that Estate Administration Tax will need to be paid if proper planning isn’t done? On an estate valued at $1,000,000, taxes of $14,250 will be owed. If your estate is $2,000,000 then you’ll owe $29,250! That’s money that could be left to your beneficiaries.

Protect your family, your business, or both. To ensure your wealth is correctly liquidated and distributed based on your wishes, call 905-632-5978 or contact us today.

Benefits of estate planning

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Pass on your wealth

Gain peace of mind knowing your family will be prepared to face the future with a comprehensive estate plan customized to your situation. It is a critical part of ensuring your estate will be settled according to your wishes.
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Lessen your family's burden

Minimize the stress of your survivors by providing them with a clear and concise estate plan that will help your family to ease through transitions and reduce tension and conflict during this difficult time.
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Minimize taxes

Maximize the value of your estate that’s passed on to your loved ones and reduce the tax burden on dependants so they’ll have the funds required to settle outstanding debts.
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Reduce government interference

Make sure your wealth ends up in the right hands. With a properly prepared will and estate plan, your executors will be less likely to face intrusive and costly government intervention.

When do you need to start planning?

The answer is simple: as soon as possible. If you pass away without an estate plan, the language in a will won’t be enough to allow your family to take advantage of tax opportunities that are available to them. You’ve worked hard to build your wealth — proper planning with one of our CPAs ensures that your wealth takes care of your loved ones when you’re gone.

If you have more than $1,000,000 in investable assets other than your principal residence (portfolio investments, art, real estate, business assets, etc.), then you qualify for a free one-hour consultation! Call us at 905-632-5978 to book an appointment.

We can help you plan a future for your finances after you’re gone

Step 1: Discover

We’ll meet with you and review the information that pertains to your estate — this includes your latest tax assessment, a list of your assets and liabilities, life insurance, and your beneficiaries. We’ll discuss your goals and what concerns you have about planning your estate.

Step 2: Plan

We provide recommendations on how to plan your estate in a way that reduces income taxes and estate administration tax when assets are passed on to your family and other beneficiaries. Our goal is to ensure that the value of your estate is maximized.

Step 3: Implement

Once your estate plan is approved, we implement it! Your estate plan isn’t a standalone plan — it will be integrated with your financial, succession, and retirement plans.

Your situation may change over time, and we’re here to help you adjust your estate plan as new circumstances arise. If you start a business, get divorced, or have kids, we’re here to adapt your plan.

We can work with your current lawyer or provide a recommendation if you need one to implement the plan.

Ready to start planning?

Estate planning is a very overwhelming and emotional process. Contact us today to learn how our estate planning experts can help simplify the estate planning process.

Start Planning
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Once you start accumulating wealth, debt, and assets it is time for a will.

You do not need a lawyer to write a will, however engaging one can help you ensure you have covered important assets, family matters, estate concerns, and power of attorneys.

However, we strongly encourage you to work with a lawyer to draft your will. Our estate planning specialists are skilled in planning wills and can coordinate with your lawyer to ensure that your will is executed with tax efficiencies in mind.

Wills must exist as a physical copy in writing, signed by 2 witnesses who are not beneficiaries or executors, and you must be over the age of majority in your province and of sound mind.

A trust agreement outlines the rules you would like followed for property held in trust to your beneficiaries.

No, estate planning involves all the assets in an individual’s estate, whereas succession planning directly relates to the actual business.

You need an estate plan whether or not you have a succession plan. Estate planning for business owners involves transferring personal and business assets to avoid any tax implications for survivors or shareholders. Since businesses are constantly changing it’s important to have both a succession plan in place followed by an up-to-date estate plan.

If you haven’t yet started a succession plan, get in touch with us today for help.

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