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Are Businesses Obligated to Give Back to the Community?

Do businesses have an ethical obligation to give back to the community? This issue is the premise for the interview I gave to Kathy Mills, CAO for The Centre for Skills Development & Training. For SB Partners, the issue is not so much about obligation, but rather a choice predicated on corporate culture. Our firm embraces social responsibility as an integral part of who we are and how we operate.

We have been fortunate to have achieved success as evident by forty years of service. Longevity is not achieved by happenstance and I believe our success can be attributed to both strong business practices and performance but also, strong ties to the community in which we operate. SB Partners gives back through local, grass-root initiatives that support residents, charitable organizations or causes and corporately, by providing professional development opportunities to the business community.

Our firm is attuned to service and this philosophy is adopted by everyone who works at SB Partners. Fostering this sense of service means staff at all levels are empowered to consider, contribute and execute initiatives that support a healthy community.

Learn more about how SB gives back by viewing my interview below.

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