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Writing a Business Plan - Part 1

Are you planning to write a Business Plan? Below you will find the subjects to address, the order in which they should be tackled and a short description of the subject matter to be included under each section. Executive Summary This section must appear at the beginning of your business plan but since it summarizes … Continued

Cross-Promotion can Draw More Customers

Effective cross-promotion is a great way for even the busiest of business owners to bring in more customers. The simple fact is that when you team up with other trustworthy businesses that also reach your target market, you will be able to access  your customers far more efficiently and impressively as long as you utilize … Continued

SB Partners’ Website is Now Mobile Friendly!

We knew this was an important step in making it easy for you to do business with us. Almost everyone is plugged in with an increasing number of people accessing information through his or her mobile device. Most regular websites are not mobile friendly, ending up frustrating mobile users with viewing too cluttered and small. … Continued

Tax Implications for Businesses When Phasing out the Penny

Retail cash transactions will be affected when phasing out the penny and we would like to offer some advice—provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)—to help you through this process. Do you charge GST/HST before/after rounding out the penny? Since the GST/HST is calculated on the amount charged for taxable supplies, the rounding should occur … Continued

Basic Stages to Starting a New Business

Government regulations aside, it really isn’t that difficult to start a small business if you progress through the appropriate stages. Most challenging is the planning and market research you should do ahead of time to ensure your business will be viable. It takes effort, planning and financing to be successful and there aren’t really any … Continued

Legitimate Business Expenses to Deduct on Your Income Taxes

Before you start preparing for your 2012 income tax return, it is wise to familiarize yourself with all the business expenses you may legitimately deduct from your income taxes. Income tax mistakes can be costly – hence the need to prepare ahead of time. We are here to advise, shoulder the workload, and to cut … Continued

QR Codes: What Are They and Why Use Them?

You may have noticed a strange square symbol on ads, business cards, product packaging or signs and wondered “what is that?” Well, you’re not entirely alone. This symbol, as shown below, is actually a type of two dimensional barcode called a QR Code: We are all accustomed to the traditional barcode system that we see … Continued

Secrets to Leadership Success for Small Business

Small business entrepreneurs are not necessarily topnotch leaders at the outset, but they need to be capable leaders if they hope to run a successful and prosperous business for years to come. Good leadership is a must component for business owners and it requires energy, vision, courage and determination—for starters. Anyone can say they are … Continued

Mandatory Coverage in Construction - Effective January 1, 2013

The Ontario government changed the law as of January 1, 2013 to expand coverage in the construction sector in order to: improve health and safety level the playing field and help combat the underground economy in the construction sector What is mandatory coverage in construction? WSIB coverage is mandatory for the following people who carry … Continued

Year-End Tax Strategies for Small Businesses

With year-end fast approaching, now is the time to review your business taxes in order to minimize your income tax. Here are some tax-saving strategies for you to consider implementing prior to New Year: 1. Defer or delay income If you receive any income in January 2013 rather than in December, it will reduce your … Continued