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SB Partners Commits to 5-Year Sponsorship of Joseph Brant Hospital’s Mental Health Redevelopment and Expansion Project

At SB Partners, we have a strong commitment to supporting the community. While our mission is a dedication to client service excellence, enriching employee experience, and contributing positively to our communities. Our Vision is very community …

M&A Do's and Don'ts for Sellers

Further to our recent article M&A Does and Don’ts for Purchasers we wanted to take a moment to highlight our top Does and Don’ts as it relates to those looking to sell a business:

Canada Digital Adoption Program

Canada Digital Adoption Program – What You Need to Know In March of 2022, the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) was announced by the federal government. As part of Budget 2021, the $4 billion investment over 4 years is dedicated to supporting …

Tax Planning for Canadian Snowbirds: Understanding the Tax Implications of Spending Time in the U.S. and Abroad

Flying as a Non-Resident Alien Through Tax Planning The snow is flying, and the snowbirds are heading to the sun. The migration is filled with anticipation of warmer days ahead but a lack of planning before departure can leave a sunny destination …

What You Need to Know About the Toronto Vacant Home Tax (VHT)

All residential property owners in Toronto will be required to submit a declaration of their property’s occupancy status for the previous year, even if they live there. Failure to do so may result in being subject to additional tax.

M&A Do's and Don'ts for Purchasers

Amidst the talk of increased interest rates worldwide leading to an impending recession, we want to highlight that these recessionary periods often provide great opportunities to expand your business or purchase rival businesses and/or complementary …

CBV's and Family Law

As detailed in our blog on Income Analyses, there are two primary financial aspects in a marital separation or dissolution of a common-law relationship. These two aspects relate to the equalization of property or the splitting of the net assets …

2022 United Way Campaign

SB Partners Raises $17,829 for United Way Halton and Hamilton SB Partners is a committed community partner. We have strong ties with the United Way Halton and Hamilton. Each year we participate in a workplace fundraising campaign in support of the …

Disability Tax Credit

CRA Improves Access to Disability Tax Credit; Includes Type 1 Diabetes In June of 2022, the government announced that eligibility for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) would be extended to include those suffering from Type 1 Diabetes. This means more …

Canada Underused Housing Tax

In June 2022, the Canadian federal government’s Underused Housing Tax (UHT) Act received royal assent. Following the example set by British Columbia with its Speculation and Vacancy Tax, the government has set out to address concerns regarding …

Paying the Way Forward

Considerations for income analyses of business owners during separation or divorce for the purpose of determining support payments.

Income Analyses and Personal expenses

How do Personal Expenses Impact Income Available for Support?   Section 19(1) of the Family Law Act Ontario Regulation 391/97 Child Support Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) indicates that “the court may impute such amount of income to a parent or …

Ontario Staycation Tax Credit

The first long weekend of the summer season is already in the rear-view mirror, but with several more to go, there is a temporary tax credit you should consider while planning your annual excursions. In an effort to help support the hospitality and …

Business Valuation Models – The What and Why

Is the ‘whole’ greater than the sum of its parts? Having devoted time, money, and energy on starting and growing a business often creates a set of expectations for an owner on the value of their business that is skewed.

Double-Dipping and Matrimonial Matters

What is Double-Dipping in the Context of Marital Breakdown? When I first heard this terminology at work, I was instantly reminded of the Seinfeld episode when George Costanza got into an argument over the social acceptableness of “double-dipping the …
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