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    Tip 2 – Tax on Split Income (TOSI) | Tax on Passive Income (TOPI)

    This note continues Tax Principal Raffaele Ruberto’s ten-week Friday Tax Tip series, helping business owners and their family members mitigate the new Tax on Split Income (“TOSI”) and upcoming Tax on Passive Income (“TOPI”) rules. As always, if there are any topics you would like addressed, or have specific questions you need to be answered, … Continued

    Tax Tip 1 – Tax on Split Income | Tax on Passive Income

    Each Friday, until the end of January 2019, I will provide helpful information on how business owners and their family members can mitigate the new Tax on Split Income (“TOSI”) and upcoming Tax on Passive Income (“TOPI”) rules. If there are any topics you would like addressed, or have specific questions you need answered, just send … Continued

    Pension Planning Ideas

    You can start taking your CPP payments as early as 60 or delaying them until 70. You can also take the CPP payments at 61, 62 or 63 up until you reach 70 years of age. If you commence the CPP payments at age 60, your payments will be reduced by 36%. The 36% reduction … Continued

    Tax Tips for Year-End

    1. Tax on Split Income Starting 2018 and onwards, every single individual resident in Canada who receives or realizes an amount derived from a private corporation, partnership or trust will need to understand the Tax on Split Income (“TOSI”) rules. Income splitting with non-active family members is severely restricted or not available under the new … Continued

    Message from John Chisholm

    With the spooky, sugary pleasures of Halloween behind us, 2018 begins to wind down, and our thoughts turn toward the New Year ahead. The business climate is unsettled. On one hand, the Bank of Canada is raising interest rates to combat inflation (the fifth hike in 15 months) and predicting solid growth in the months … Continued

    Succession in Family Businesses

    As a family business prepares for succession, it is critical to factor family dynamics into the equation. Most businesses have clear financial disciplines, production processes, sales and marketing practices, and so on. Meanwhile family dynamics are often overlooked, though they often emerge as the most disruptive element in the business transition. Rooted in deep-seated emotions … Continued

    Welcome Raffaele Ruberto

    We are pleased to announce that Raffaele Ruberto CPA, CGA has joined SB Partners as Tax Principal. With over ten years of experience at both multi-national and regional professional service firms, Raffaele looks forward to helping business owners who are facing major business decisions such as selling the business, acquiring another business and complex transactions … Continued

    Sell or Keep it in the Family?

    Sell or keep it?  That’s a key decision of business owners and largely dependent on whether there are  family members who have demonstrated interest and /or been groomed to take over. If you are looking to transition your business to family, a business valuation will typically be used to assist in completing an estate freeze … Continued

    Business Valuation – Know the Value to Get the Price

    Every business owner will exit their business either voluntarily through a planned departure (i.e. the passing of the proverbial torch to the next generation, or via a sale to a third party) or involuntarily through death or disability. Taking the time now to plan for this eventuality provides control and ensures that as an owner, … Continued

    Living Our Why

    Why is SB Partners in business? To care for and strengthen the fabric of our community. We care for and strengthen our clients/business community, the community we work and live in and the community within SB Partners. For the Community we work and live in, here are some of the ways we have been living … Continued