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How to Increase Your Profitability

If you’re looking for ways to increase your profitability, focus your attention on the four profit determining factors: Price How much you charge a customer for a product/service will obviously drive profitability. An increase in price may result in less sales but the resulting positive effect to gross margin may offset the lower volumes to … Continued

SB Partners 2017 Education Scholarship

We received a call that Joanna Roselli from Assumption High School would be this year’s recipient of the $3,000 SB Partners Education Scholarship.  I was fortunate to attend the graduation ceremony on behalf of the Partners to present the award. Joanna visited the podium several times during the graduation ceremony in recognition of her many … Continued

Proposed Tax Planning Changes for Private Corporations

On July 18th, the Federal Government’s Department of Finance announced significant proposed changes to certain mainstream tax planning. Details have been released in a comprehensive, technical consultation paper focusing on tax practices commonly used involving private corporations. A brief summary of the proposed changes: Income splitting (dividends and salaries) with adult related individuals (i.e. spouses … Continued

Investing in Property?

House or condo purchases made for the purpose of renovating to increase value and imminently sell for large profits is commonplace. Too often, however, there’s no consideration regarding tax implications. Everyone seems to know someone engaged in speculative real estate transactions to make quick profits, often moving houses as part of the plan. Here’s what’s … Continued

Canada 150

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, we asked our team to share in one word, “what does Canada mean to you?” From all of us at SB Partners, Happy Canada Day!      

B Corps: Redefining Success in Business

There are over 1,200 Certified B Corporations (B Corps) in 38 countries including 110 in Canada. Most successful business owners understand the importance of looking beyond the spreadsheet. Factors such as environmental performance, corporate social responsibility, and strong values can influence and impact buyer decisions, employee morale, and reputation. Now, a new designation is available … Continued

2017 Federal Budget Commentary

On March 22, 2017, Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivered the 2017 federal budget (“the Budget”) and, as anticipated, it projects a deficit. Instead of planning to eliminate the deficit as previously proposed, the government says it will maintain a balanced net debt-to-GDP ratio of around 31 per cent over the next five years.  The deficit … Continued

Client Portal Tutorials

Learn how to use SB Partners’ client portal with these helpful video tutorials. View our video guide below.

SB Partners Rebrand Press Release

On January 31, 2017 SB Partners unveiled a new corporate identity and tagline that reflects the basic essence of what they do ‘Accounting for Our Community’, together with a new, easier-to-navigate website supporting the company’s evolution as Burlington’s leading full-service accounting firm. The rebranding process took place over months of consultation and integration with valuable … Continued

Two Hockey-Focused Entrepreneurs Avoid Skating on Thin Ice

Remember that old joke, “How many kids in Canada play hockey?  Almost all of them!” Capitalizing on the popularity of the sport and finding an as-yet, untouched niche in the equipment market, Kayla Nezon and Emily Rudow co-founded Oneiric Hockey. Congratulations on filming a segment on Dragon’s Den! Tell us about your experience? What advice … Continued