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New Client Portal

SB Partners is excited to share we are launching a new client portal to better serve your needs!

The firm’s current client CCH Portal ( ) will be retired on Thursday, November 30th. CCH Portal will be replaced with a new Portal from CCH iFirm. In advance of this transition, we kindly ask that you download any items you may immediately require. As of (December 1st, 2021), you will not have access to documents saved on the portal. Please note the master copies of these documents are safely stored on SB Partners’ internal servers.

About CCH iFirm Portal

CCH iFirm Portal will continue to offer bank level encryption and multi-factor authentication for high security.

Next Steps

  • In the coming weeks, you will receive an email invitation to register on the new client Portal. Please make sure your SPAM or Junk filter will allow email from and  Should you wish to be added to the Portal sooner, please contact your SB Partners representative.
  • The new client invitation includes a link to a video for how to use the new Portal
  • The new CCH iFirm Portal website address is

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