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Optimize Your Company’s Corporate Structure

To maximize your earnings and minimize taxes, we help set up family trusts and holding companies for your manufacturing and distribution business. Here’s how it works: 

  • Invest excess funds: rather than hold funds in the operating company, we help set up a holding company for corporate beneficiaries to allow business owners to keep their savings separate from the operations.
  • Extract money tax efficiently: we use different tax strategies to take out money from the corporation at capital gains tax rates rather than dividends or salary/bonus.
  • Creditor proofing: we take out money from the operating company and loan it back on a secure basis. For example, an operating company (OPCO) could have significant funds that should be transferred to a holding company. A holding company has a secured position, so if the OPCO goes under the holding company has first right to those funds.
  • Capital Gain Exemption and Purification: stripping out retained earnings in a manner that allows business owners to benefit from their capital gains exemption and keep the business sale-ready. This process helps keep the business lean and prepared for sale.


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