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SB Partners’ Website is Now Mobile Friendly!

We knew this was an important step in making it easy for you to do business with us. Almost everyone is plugged in with an increasing number of people accessing information through his or her mobile device.

Most regular websites are not mobile friendly, ending up frustrating mobile users with viewing too cluttered and small. Information is difficult to locate and they end up leaving the site.

I am sure we have all been there when trying to find something on our Blackberry, iPhone or Galaxy pinching and enlarging windows only to lose your place.

One half of all local searches are via mobile. How fast is it growing? Predictions are that mobile will overtake PC usage by 2014. Here are some interesting statistics on mobile usage sourced from the Google Engage Canada Conference in 2012 as described by Chris Breikss in the 6S Marketing blog:

  • 79% of Canadians don't leave home without their mobile device
  • 97% use their phone at home
  • 83% use mobile on the go
  • People are using their phones in businesses:

    • 77% use mobile in stores
    • 77% use mobile at the workplace
    • 72% use mobile in restaurants
    • 56% use mobile in airports
  • 60-70% of Canadians are on mobile
  • 80% are on a smartphone
  • Smartphone searches to regular phone: 60:1
  • 86% of smartphone users notice mobile ads

So, next time you are looking for some information on SB Partners, check us out on your mobile!

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