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Succession planning is an important consideration for any business owner. Whether you are looking to retire, sell, or transition your company in the event of death, a succession plan will provide a strategic map of what should be executed, how and by who.

A succession plan will help smooth transitions and keep the focus on the business. It is a good way to safeguard assets, optimize tax planning, ensure financial security and guide ownership transfers. Contact us for more information.

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Our Business Succession Planning Services

We work with you to develop a strategy and action plan including:

  • The type of succession plan required
  • Team building
  • Process development
  • Identify objectives and goals
  • Identify metrics to measure success

Benefits Of Succession Planning

Succession planning can involve many factors and considerations. By taking the time to generate a plan prior to the need for one it improves decision-making processes during transitions and provides a map for smoother transitions.

Employee Engagement

Having a plan that is clearly articulated and executed helps retain employees and increase support for the transition. Providing a clear picture, objectives and goals will encourage all employees to participate in the process and ease anxieties.

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Lower costs

Reduce the costs associated with executing a succession plan by reducing the need for urgent analysis, consulting and training.

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Improved Performance

With an engaged labour force and strong leadership team, the success of the plan is much more likely. By working with the transition team on training, leadership and execution prior to the actual event you can trust that the team will be familiar and confident in their roles.

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We work with business owners to help them with succession planning for different circumstances and situations.


A succession plan outlines the people or team responsible for executing the plan, influencing factors and goals for the business.

The Treasury Board of Canada outlines five steps in creating a succession plan.

  1. Identify key areas and positions
  2. Identify capabilities of key areas and positions
  3. Identify interested employees and assess them against the capabilities
  4. Develop and implement succession and knowledge transfer plans
  5. Evaluate effectiveness

Ideally, as soon as possible to be prepared for the different scenarios requiring a succession or transition plan that may arise.

Succession plans should be shared with the employees identified as leading the transition. The Succession Plan should be circulated with follow up meetings to review the plan, roles, responsibilities and objectives, facilitate information transfers and address any questions.

Define the metrics that will be used to assess the activity, engagement and performance of the business throughout the execution of the succession plan.

Areas Served

Our team of chartered professional accountants (CPAs) work with clients across Southern Ontario, including:

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