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Succession Planning

Eventually, you’ll want or need to exit your business. The only question is when. Whether you’re approaching retirement or exiting for another reason, wish to sell your business or want to pass it on to the next generation, we can help you develop a complete financial strategy to ensure a smooth transition.

You may go through this process just once, but we’ve done it hundreds of times. Tell us what you want, where you envision yourself at the end of the process, what drives you, and how you wish your legacy to be structured. We work with your other professional advisors throughout the process and manage any ownership transition with your other professional advisors throughout the process, and deal with any ownership transition issues that may arise, common or uncommon.

Case Study

Client Challenge

A small brewery operation experiencing strong growth was getting to a larger scale and the owner felt they were losing the ability to keep track of the business due to its scale. Overall, the client was concerned about how to reduce errors and guard their assets.

SB Solution

We conducted a walkthrough of the main accounting systems to identify their current processes and internal controls. We found that the company lacked many key internal controls to allow for the safeguarding of assets while also guarding against potential errors. This put the client at risk for loss of money as well as the potential for poor financial reporting which they were using to guide their decision making. After identifying the weaknesses, we provided a comprehensive report outlining key internal control recommendations and how they could be implemented easily within the organization.


After implementation of the controls, the client felt more secure in their operations and more trusting to allow his team to take on a greater level of responsibility and allow him to focus more strategically on his business.